Ikebana International is a non-profit cultural organization whose objective is to stimulate and perpetuate the study of ikebana and related arts throughout the world.   I.I.  was founded in 1956 by Mrs. Ellen Gordon Allen. Its headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, with  260 chapters scattered world wide. 


The Rochester Chapter was founded by Mrs. Alice Friederich in 1961.  It has developed into a vibrant group of members from very diverse backgrounds and heritage, but with a common bond of love for flowers and a passion for the art of ikebana.  While continuing to study this art form through monthly workshops and study groups, they maintain the motto of Ikebana International, which is: “Friendship through flowers.” 


  • To promote an awareness and appreciation for the art of ikebana among the general public. 

  • To promote the study of ikebana as an art form. 

  • To promote friendship among  members from diverse backgrounds, and to promote goodwill in the community, through sharing a love of nature and of ikebana , thereby striving to create an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.  


  • To schedule teacher demonstrations and all-member-exhibits in the community, to educate the general public on the art and history of ikebana. 

  • To enable the general public to accurately define what ikebana is. 

  • To gain recognition for ikebana as a legitimate art form with a rich history and culture which clearly distinguishes it from Western floral design.

Board members 
President                                           Karen Napoli
1st VP                                                 Faye Phillips
Treasurer                                           Beatriz Ades
Recording secretary                        Anne Bailey Clicquennoi
Corresponding secretary               Marjorie Da Vanzo
Historian Documentation               Saskia Eller
Historian Photographer                  Gail Newman
Nomination Director                        Fauzia Jamshed
Hospitality                                         Dawn Robinson
Workshop Assistent                        Luba Morsh 
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